"I'm Viveret and I'm drinking oolong tea"
viveret steele

Hi! I'm Viveret, a Software Developer at StackOverflow.

My focus since starting my career has been on large software systems and software architecture, but I am hoping to move into AI and machine learning in the near future. I tutor computer science and varying levels of math in my free time. I am also working on a few published Android apps.

A Timeline of my experience

2019 - Current (Stack Overflow): On the /jobs team, I improve the job-search-to-hire process for tech workers and employers. Also working on high-demand enterprise software used around the globe in many countries. 2016 - 2019 (McKinstry): Enterprise level software solutions to scale business and engineering operations. 2016 (XPRT Hackathon): XPRT Women's Code-A-Thon challenged me to create a mobile GPU benchmarking program which won 1st place & $2,500. 2015 - 2017 (Mentoring): Open hours for students to get assistance on assigned work or theory. 2013 - 2017 (UW & GRC): I recieved my Bachelor's in Computer Science from the University of Washington, and my Associate's at Green River College. 2011 - 2015 (Suvivor Engine): Starting as a game, a few years of rapid learning and development lead to a general purpose software engine and experience in large software architecture.

My Portfolio

Pocket N2: This app aims to educate users about how neural networks work in an intuitive and interactive way. My goal is to also learn more about neural networks and machine learning in the process. Spectra @ McKinstry: Migration of Excel-based data entry, storage, business code, and management to an in-house entity-data-cloud / website solution using C#, SQL, JavaScript, HTML5, and Python. It utilizes an entity database wrapped cloud application that can be accessed through a web browser, a JSON-based API, and existing tools like Excel and Revit via plugins. What I work on fosters business development, design, and construction teams to store, track, and change project data in a centralized way. Items are tracked automatically, with updates and changes communicated seamlessly to estimating and procurement teams. Android File Scrambler: Scramble files like eggs using an app. Corrupt roms to play on emulators or add a little more spice to your configuration files LGBT Lingo: The LGBTQ+ community has its own language, and this app clarifies what particular words or phrases mean. Currently published on the Google PlayStore. Safe Message: Created a SMS Texting client for Android that could filter out swear words, bad URLs, and hateful texts using Microsoft's Linguistic Analysis API. Tiny PLY Viewer: Developed a Mobile Device GPU Workload to benchmark performance across devices. Used OpenGL, GLES, GLSL, Android, and .PLY meshes. Currently published on the Google PlayStore.

2020 Goals

2019 Goals