"I'm Viveret and I'm running out of ideas"
viveret steele

Hi! I'm Viveret, a Software Developer at StackOverflow.

I spend most of my time developing software, but I also have a passion empowering students by teaching math and science. I also do consulting work on the side.

Overview of Relevant Past Exprience

My time at StackOverflow has given me insight into tech industry jobs and how to navigate career paths.

At McKinstry I built software for building and skyscraper engineers to design buildings, and part of that involved creating and running workshops for them to learn basic computer science concepts as well as how data and software work together.

In college and university I tutored students of various ages and career paths in computer science, software, and mathematics. I have also guided students through career choices.


Are you a student or self learner looking for help on a specific concept or learning path?


Looking to advance your skills or learn something new? I've guided numerous students through:


My experience with large software systems for business and engineering has given me the experience of how to:

Client Resources